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Our team has a combined experience in Law Enforcement, Military and Security.

AR Protective Services was founded in 2022 by our Chief Executive Officer Alejandro Ramos
during a time of social unrest and rise in crime. Alejandro saw the need for businesses and
establishments to have proper protection and security services to safeguard their assets,
patrons and employees.

His extensive background and experience include Fugitive Recovery Agent Services, Executive Protection, Law Enforcement and Security. He is also trained in fire arms and is a Tactical
Fire Arms Instructor. Alejandro is the third generation in his family to continue to serve and
protect his community and clients. Beginning with his grandfather to his father and along with
his brother there is cumulative experience from Highway Patrol, Police, and Military. He began
his training early in life as a Cadet in an innovative Military School within the Eastside Union
High School District of San Jose named Eastside Cadet Academy. He quickly showed promise as a leader and was the first student to be promoted from Squad Leader to Platoon Leader to First Sgt. to Sgt, Major within his first year.

Alejandro has also served his community in various capacities and since the age of 15 years old worked with at risk youth in East San Jose, East Palo Alto and Salinas. He was a teacher in Bilingual Music Education for over 15 years, and has mentored over 200 children - who to this day still remain in contact with him - as they continue to use the same discipline they learned in their daily lives to be successful.

Alejandro has developed a standard of excellence through his upbringing and early training in the area of Protective Services. He has cultivated a highly trained team with backgrounds in Law Enforcement, Military and Security to offer his clients the best service possible.

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