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Our vision is to provide all of our clients with a reliable, professional and personal service.

Let's Keep Your Business Safe and Secure

Our services keep your clients and business safety in mind.

Security Assessment

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Patrol Unit


Uniformed Armed Guards


Residential Security Team (R.S.T)


Overseas and Domestic Advance

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Executive Protection

To deliver a higher standard of security solutions.

Strive for quality and excellence in everything we do.

AR PROTECTIVE SERVICES is a professional hands-on security company to provide On-Site Security Services to your location.

From the hiring process to the client relationship, we take pride in our ability to exceed our client’s expectations and surpass the services of our competition.

With each new client, we create specific post orders with the development of an in house training program for each officer on your location. We promote training and development to all our officers (agent) to ensure that security staff deployed are of the highest standard.

Are You Ready to
Secure Your Business?

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